emc allows you to search for words or phrases that are present or absent in one or more sections of the SmPC. This allows you to answer questions like:

  • Are there any paracetamol tablets that do not contain lactose?
  • Which drugs are licensed to treat rheumatoid arthritis?
  • Are there any treatments for hypertension (high blood pressure) that do not cause a particular side effect?

To search by SmPC section:

  1. Next to the main search box, click on advanced search
  2. In the left-hand menu, select the option 'By SmPC section'
  3. Use the drop-down list to choose the section of the SmPC you want to search. 
  4. Then, choose either contains (the word or phrase is in the SmPC section) or does not contain (the word or phrase is not in the SmPC section)
  5. Type in your search word or words
  6. Click add and repeat the steps to build your search
  7. Then click search
  8. You can edit or delete a search entry if you need to


  • Each SmPC section can only be selected once. Multiple search terms can be added for each search section and can be combined with and, or, not.
  • Search by section does not search for synonyms, so 'heart' will not find cardiac. You might need to type in synonyms to cover all the options, for example, 'heart or cardiac'.
  • Matching word stems are automatically found, so typing 'tablet' will find tablets and 'cap' will find capsule, caplet etc.