The advanced search by SmPC section lets you search for words or phrases that are present or absent in one or more sections of the SmPC.

We have provided an example below:


Which paracetamol preparations are lactose free?

Step 1: Find SmPCs which contain paracetamol


In the SmPC section drop down box, select section 2 (qualitative and quantitative composition)

Select ‘contains’

Type paracetamol into the ‘search words/phrase’ box

Click ‘Add another search rule’

Your search will now appear at the bottom and the input boxes will clear ready for the next search condition


Step 2: Find SmPCs which do not contain lactose


In the SmPC section drop down box, select section 6.1 (list of excipients)
Select ‘does not contain’
Type lactose into the ‘search words/phrase’ box
Click ‘Search’ at the foot of the page
You can sort and filter your results and you can also select how many items you want per page



Search Tips


Put phrases in double quotes

When using "and", "or", & "not", put each search term in double quotes


Please Note

If you are not sure which section to search, read our SmPC guide in the glossary
Each SmPC section can only be selected once
Multiple search terms can be added for each search section and can be combined with "and", "or", & "not"
Search by section does not search for synonyms and so searching for heart will not find cardiac. You might need to type in synonyms to cover all the options; for example, heart or cardiac. However matching word stems are automatically found; for example typing in tablet will find tablets, cap will find capsule & caplet.