If you wish to contact a pharmaceutical company to discuss a medicine or report a suspected side effect, their contact details can be found on the product pack and in the Patient Information Leaflet that comes with the medicine.


You can also find contact details for companies who are on emc under the "Companies" tab. This is located at the top of the emc home screen.



Companies are listed in alphabetical order under each letter heading.

When a letter is selected, all of the companies on emc are listed which start with that letter.



You can also find contact details for the company who makes the medicines on the emc on the left of the company page...



...and at the bottom of each medicine page.



Please Note ⚠️

Several companies may manufacture the same medicine but the prescribing information in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) may differ.

For example, the medicines may have different excipients, formulations, licensed indications, or contraindications for use.

The information in the SmPC only relates specifically to that company's medicine and cannot be assumed that it is applicable to a similar product from any other company.

Accessing the correct information is essential for patient safety so please make sure you contact the pharmaceutical company who makes the specific medicine you wish to discuss.