emc contains regulated and approved information on medicines available in the UK

  • Summaries of Product Characteristics (known as SPCs or SmPCs)
  • Patient Information Leaflets (known as PILs, Package Leaflets or PLs)
  • Risk Minimisation Materials (RMMs)
  • Letters to healthcare professionals
  • Live Chat
  • Audio/Video
  • Safety Alerts
  • Product Information

Summaries of Product Characteristics

An SmPC tells healthcare professionals, such as doctors, pharmacists and nurses, how to prescribe and use a medicine correctly. An SmPC is based on clinical trials that a pharmaceutical company has carried out, and gives information about dose, use and possible side effects. An SmPC is always written in a standard format, which is explained in our glossary.

Patient Information Leaflets

A PIL is the leaflet that is included in the pack with a medicine. The PIL is a summary of the SmPC and is written for patients. Our glossary section explains more.

Risk Minimisation Materials

Risk Minimisation Materials are part of a suite of measures that aim to optimise the safe and effective use of a medicine. See the glossary for more information.

Letters to HCPs

Letters to HCPs are direct communications to healthcare professionals to aid education and risk management. Their aim is to ensure the safe and effective use of a marketed medicine.

Live Chat

Live chat functionality is provided by the marketing authorisation holder, or manufacturer of a medicine, for healthcare professionals, and sometimes patients, to contact the company’s Medical Information department with questions about their medicines.


Audio and video content provides additional information in a user friendly way to promote the safe and effective use of a medicine. They may demonstrate how to administer a medicine or improve the accessibility of the information, such as for the blind or visually impaired.

Safety Alert

Safety alerts are issued by the Regulator and/or marketing authorisation holder and contain important public health messages or safety critical information about a medicine.

Product Information

This is additional information about a product. It may include important information such as about a change of ownership of the medicine, package related information or stock issues.