Use the search box drop down list to suggest words

The search box has a drop down list containing:

  • medicine names - brand names and active ingredients (generic names)
  • pharmaceutical companies that have information published on emc website.

Type in the first few letters of a company or medicine name, wait a moment and a drop down list displays any matches. Click a word in the list to add it to the search box and then click search or press the return key to start the search.


The drop down list only includes medicines and companies with information published on emc website. If the medicine or company is not listed, the company might be updating the information, or they have chosen not to publish this information on emc website. You should contact the company directly.

Type your own words into the search box

You can override the search list and type in any words you choose. For example, you can type in:

  • chloramphenicol eye drops
  • paracetamol tablets

Use the search box drop down list and add your own words

You can pick your first search word from the drop down list and then place your cursor into the search box and type in your additional search words.