The latest medicine updates page gives a list of Summaries of Product Characteristics (SmPC) and Patient Information Leaflets (PIL) / Package Leaflets (PL) which have changed recently on the emc website.


The page shows:


New documents - documents which are new to the emc but may not necessarily be new to market


Updated documents - documents which have recently been approved by the industry regulator and updated on the emc by the Pharmaceutical company that markets the medicine

Retired documents - documents which have been removed from the emc by the marketing authorisation holder. This may be due to the transfer of product licence or discontinuation of the product

Use the filters on the left to narrow down your results.

Click the product name to see the latest approved SmPC or PIL.

Retired documents can't be viewed. 



Top Tip 

To see exactly what has changed in the document, click the document history link.

You will need to have a registered emc account to view these changes.